November 18, 2010

One small step for Noodle...

Well, here it is...Sloan is walking! She took her first unassisted step on November 1st and has been taking a step or two here and there...mainly when she wants to get to Toby or Bane without scaring them off with her wildly fast crawling! I finally pulled out the tripod tonight and was able to get some video without Sloan grabbing the camera right away, but it's awfully dark! I'll set it up again tomorrow to see if I can get a better video...but enjoy this for now!

xo JBM


  1. Yay for Sloan! Such a big girl now :) Better baby proof the house! haha The picture wasn't too dark - I could see perfectly. Congrats to Sloan!

  2. That is SO cute!!! I am terrified to blink though, cause soon enough that will be Sutton! I love how her posture is so perfect too! Sweet!

  3. How cute was that!!!!

  4. That's so wonderful that you have this video. She's so adorable.
    What a big girl too!