March 31, 2009


Would it be a horrible idea to use Lucky as a middle name for our little hairless puppy (baby)? I've been pulled over twice recently for speeding and was let go with a warning each time - I think s/he must be my lucky charm!

It first happened this past Saturday when we were on our way home from purchasing our new HHR (that I get to pick up today!!!). I was on the shore road and got stopped at a ride program which they also had a speed trap set up at and I was clocked doing 63 in the 40 - he just told me to slow down. Oops.

They yesterday on my way home from work in my Mums car (mine is sitting waiting to be traded in/blow up) I was clocked doing 89 in a 60 - double oops! Of course he was sitting at the spot just about where it turns from 60 to 80! I think he felt uncomfortable when I told him I was having a crappy day (I lied) and started to well up with tears - he just wanted to get out of there so he told me to slow down!

Now, maybe I should take heed and actually slow down!

xo JBM

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