March 30, 2009

telling "Daddy"

Well, Matt is in-the-know now! I picked up a cute, simple Thank You card today (the only blank one I could find in the drugstore) and wrote a little blurb thanking him for being a wonderful husband and a great Dad to Toby and Bane and our human child too...then added, 'that's right, we're pregnant!' to the end. I thought he wouldn't expect anything because exchanging cards isn't something irregular with us, but I was really hoping to catch his reaction on camera so I was pretending to mess around with the camera acting like there was something wrong with it. As soon as he started opening the card I turned on the video. As he got to the end of the card he had a HUGE smile on his face and he started doing his cute giggle. I couldn't keep taping because I had to run over and hug and kiss him! :) He was very excited too, and probably happy to not have to hear me whining every month when the dreaded period got here. Unfortunately he said he thought something was up because of the camera.

Speaking of "telling" - I can't wait to tell everyone else! I want to talk to the Dr. or Midwife before we tell anyone (like parents and very close friends), but I know it's going to be hard to keep it in! I would really like to be able to tell Elsie and Randi this weekend while we are together this weekend before Elsie and Ella take off for England, but I think it might be too soon.

xo JBM

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