March 30, 2009

the test!

I took a pregnancy test this morning at 4am and was SO excited to see the two lines I have been waiting to see since October. I couldn't get back to sleep and just layed there until 5 when the alarm went off for Matt. I decided not to tell him this morning because I wanted to be able to spend time together after and be excited together, not in a rush for him to get off to work. I'm trying to think of a cute way to tell him tonight, but I will probably just end up spilling it to him because I am so excited!

I was expecting my period last Friday and actually went for an ultrasound that day to check for cysts (due to some pain I had a few weeks prior) and I had joked with Matt that I was actually hoping that the tech would find a baby rather than a cyst! She wasn't able to tell me anything, she just took a lot of images and measurements and told me we would hear from the orphan clinic the following week. Now I'm wondering if I should call them and let them know we need an appointment for a different, more exciting reason!

Luckily I haven't felt any morning sickness yet (knock on wood), and according to an online calculator I am in my 5th week right now - prime sickness time. I have to pee a lot and feel bloated, but other than that, I feel great!
More later after I tell Matt! :)

xo JBM

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